Hi from Dame Darcy,

the author/artist of Meat Cake Comix and Gasoline.

For this reason I am offering you the opportunity to buy multiples directly from me, and when you do they will each be hand signed.

Gasoline cover Gasoline customized illustration
Gasoline cover Personalized illustration example

With my authors price discount you can sell them retail through your store and make a percent.

The following is a list of the authors discount and the retail discount….


Single Gasoline copies:

Retail: $10.

Single issue with authors price: $10 to cover shipping printing costs

Multiple copies bought with authors price: $8 each (includes shipping)


To order directly from me, here are the easy steps:


I am happy to discuss any questions or comments, please direct them to my e mail as well. Thank you <3


Dame Darcy


(323) 702-6880

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