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Valentine Original Art

Alligina doll


When Like a Lunitic all bare
the Moon lets down her mystic hair
of cold enraging light

You wrap your features in the hide
so diaphanous
and smoothly glide
in dreams abroad into the night

 Love Dame Darcy



Dating a Hot Witch Tip  (4Look on Dame Darcy FB Fan Page for more Tips for the Valentine season…

A Hot Witch will turn your world upside down.

If you fall for a Witch, it is very likely that she will very gracefully turn a buttoned-up world upside down. After all, she has been called to teach people to see things from another perspective, to look at things differently, to encourage people to challenge their ideas about who they are and what their lives should look like. This is probably why many men will date witches for a time (especially when they are younger) but not always end in conventional marriage. The potential for change is too great for many men who are intrigued by the possibility of being with someone so free-spirited but who are ultimately uncomfortable with…

rococo ladies color illo




Graphic Cannon / Dame Darcy Little Mermaid
Classic Childrens Literature

little mermaid 6




















Dame Darcy Reads Caroll Channing’s Palm SPOOKY GIRLS ART SHOW

Palm Read - 2I read Carol Channing’s palm about 12 years ago for Index magazine.
All kinds of things about her life were revealed, but the most touching was that at the age of 78 right after her divorce I saw she was going to have another marriage.
On Net Flix there was a documentary on her and I got so excited, because I am a BIG fan. In Hello Dolly Carol looks just like my doll Isabelle, plus in Skidoo she is dressed like a psychedelic pirate. I read Carol Channing’s palm about 12 years ago for Index magazine.
Anyways, in the documentary which came out last year, Carol is 90 now and she married her child hood sweetheart who was also featured.
Carol’s life is not only a tribute to an amazing genius, unique artist, performer, and just a fantastic lady all around with a magic soul , but also a testimony to true love.
I hope you make it to 100 Carol! And the fans you have touched will always keep your spirit alive forever.



yule print

2014 calendar





E-books, Meat Cake Sale, New Illustrations, and the Secret Surprise Center!

Hello My Darling and “Darklings”,

The age of Aquarius is here everyone! It’s going to be way more fun and wacky for all of us. No more of the boring patriarchal rules from the last millennium! That was soooo 500 years ago. Now its time for creative and awesome artist to shine and make the Goddess smile.

Also new this year is the Secret Surprise Center! For $25 a year via Paypal to you can be part of all kinds of special offers! For a limited time only when you join you will receive a FREE hard copy of the Meat Cake compilation, AND a FREE SECRET SURPRISE! Please include the address in your pay pal where you want your gifts to be sent besides the 30% coupon discount on all DDetsy store items. Please include the address in your Paypal where you want your gifts to be sent!  You can look forward to raffles, Gothic Lolita fashion contests, you can win FREE books, prizes and one of a kind art from Dame Darcy. You can even win a date with Dame Darcy and receive special invitations to our Gothic Victorian Lolita Tea Parties! You can also be profiled as the winner of contests. We’ll put your art, music, and fashion out there for everyone to see!

Not to mention secret surprises will happen randomly all the time.

New Year! Classic Books! Different Media!


Turn a New page with Dame Darcy E-books!

Meat Cake SALE

Classic Meat Cake compilation now available hand signed with illustration to you, usual retail price $23.00 now only $15.

PLUS Meat Cake Vol 16 and Vol 17 are now available as E-Books on any device for only $2.00!


If you haven’t already check out or new motion comic SPIDER SILK TROPICS from Meat Cake Vol 17.

Comic 16

Oh Wax Wolf, you silly bitch.

New Sexy One of a kind Framed Illustration + Fashion Sale + Archived Illustration Sale


Don’t forget your Dame Darcy Witchcraft Holiday Calenders beautiful! It’s still only January 2013

Witchcraft Holiday Calendar

Hot Witches Through Herstory: Hannah Woolley // Born 1623; England


Woolley, a professional educator, was another woman active in the early stages of English feminism. She published many writings, the most widely read  being the Gentlewoman’s Companion (1675), a compendium of recipes, housekeeping hints, medical advice, and autobiographical writing. She believed that if women could obtain the same education as men, their “brains would be as fruitful as their bodies!”

Love and Best Wishes, DD

Thanks for Filling Out Our Survey!

Thank you so much for filling out our survey! I appreciate your love and support from the bottom of my heart. Please accept this token of my appreciation: 30% off coupon on anything in my store!


You’re all beautiful and amazing!
Best wishes and Magic Blessings to you!


Dame Darcy

Fun New Ways to Write Holiday Letters, Yule Gifts, Tarot Card Original Art!

Hello Darlings!

Here’s lots of exciting new items now for the Holiday season!
 Let your family and friend feel the holiday spirit with unique and fun ways to write letters!

Hot Witch Calendars * Yule Print * Stationary Sets * Postcards * Stickers

Tarot cards    

Looking for a special gift? Our holiday sales include Mermaid Tarot Cards and original black and white or hand painted art combo pack! Hooray!

Bedazzled Handbook For Hot Witches

The Handbook for Hot Witches books are still available and now we have them personally bedazzled available for the holiday season! Great for kids and teens! Each book will contain a personal note and illustration from Dame Darcy!


Hot Witches Through Herstory

Lady Godiva

* Lady Godiva

‪Her story dates back to the 11th century. She was married to Leofric ‪III Earl of Mercia who had earned his title through success in business. They moved to Coventry in central England where in 1043 they founded and funded an abbey in Honor of Eunice, and early martyr slain ‪by the R‪omans. The abbey soon became a social focus for the town, where her husband used his high position in business to impose what Godiva viewed as excessive taxes. She tried to persuade him to lower‪ the taxes for the townspeople, to which he responded that he would if she rode naked down main street. He was shocked when she agreed for the sake of the people. The day Godiva‪ made her historic ride, the townspeople stayed inside their houses in honor of her modesty. Except for peeping Tom. Still to this day Coventry celebrates an annual Godiva festival.


And, if you haven’t already, check out our hilarious infomercial starring Isabelle to promote Handbook for Hot Witches!

Blessed Be and Happy Holidays!


Dame Darcy

DD Chicago events/ 2013 Witch Calendars/ Bejeweled Books

It’s that time of the year again! :)

The 2013 Witchcraft Holiday Calendar is here! just in time for Halloween, the Witches New Year!
12 pages of magical fun facts and spells featuring the exciting illustrations of me, Dame Darcy, and your favorite Goddesses. $15. Includes shipping wherever you are. Hand signed to you or a friend, on Etsy specify your friend’s name.

Also, the bejeweled one of a kind Handbook For Hot Witches books. Only 10 available at this time so get ‘em while they’re hot! Perfect for a holiday gift.

If you’ll be in the Chicago area on October 29th, you should stop by Quimby’s at 1854 W North Ave Chicago,IL 60622, it begins at 7pm! The fun continues in Chicago at Bert Green Fine Art Gallery PRESENTING…

Dame Darcy “Hot Witch,” Ink on Paper, 11 x 8.5″, 2012 a fantastic show of drawings as well as Book Release Party forHandbook for Hot Witches

One Night Event
Tuesday, October 30, 2012, 5-8 pm
(I will be there!)

Bert Green Fine Art
8 S. Michigan Ave. Suite 1220
Chicago IL 60603

GLOBAL WARMING AND FRANKENSTORM…A little advice and encouragement to all who suffers from Hurricane Sandy:

We were born into this system in which we had no say in the making. A century ago they thought they were doing the best they could to improve the conditions of the human race, but they set the system up wrong and now we, the animals , and all of nature must pay. These kinds of colossal storms breaking out don’t even need to be a wake up call or a reminder to the error of our ways as a race. We are already well aware of global warming and the error of our ways, but what can we do to stop the spiral? Changing little habits every day and being aware of our impact on a bigger level helps but essentially our system is broken and its going to take a lot to break the old patterns and build anew. Nostradamus and other profits predict the end and rebirth of our time on earth now. How we operate is not sustainable, but their prophecy did not say it was the end of the world, as so many have misquoted, actually it is a new era.

The age of Pisces (the fish) and Jesus is waning and a new era, Aquarius, a time of femininity and thinking out of the box is upon us.

We can no longer go by the rules of man, for they have always been wrong, when we go by the rules of Nature and understand what this is the ultimate governing power are we can live in harmony, though in the beginning it may be more difficult to shift. May the Goddess bless and protect you my friends in the eastern sea board and all of those effected by Hurricane Sandy. Find peace in your hearts and safety for your selves and homes. We are all in this together!

Magic Blessings,

Dame Darcy

Hot Witches Invade New York!

Hi all,

I’ve got the New York fever this week beginning with my book promotional party at NYC’s most reputable comic store, Forbidden Planet.
My window display is looking fabulous and I can’t wait for Thursday’s event!


The deets for Thursday’s event:

Dame Darcy Book Release
for Hand Book For Hot Witches
Graphic novel released on Holt
at Forbidden Planet
832 Broadway NY NY 10003
Thursday 11th Oct.

Ironically enough, the same day as my book release party (October 11th) it is International Girls Day!

Ironically enough, the same day as my book release party (October 11th) it is International Girls Day!

Perfect Timing!

The fun isn’t over yet! Don’t forget my art show is also this week.

And I want to give a shout out to my patient, wonderful gallerist and friend who also wrote a mystery novel. It’s only $2.99 right now and a portion of the proceeds are being donated to animal charity. It’s a good cause my friends! Check out her novel on amazon:

> Or visit the website

Alix Sloan rocks!!

That’s what’s going on in the crazy life of Dame Darcy… for now…!

NNN Cabaret & Pagan Pride in Sav, Forbidden Planet book release, Comic Con, Gallery exhibit for Hot witches in NYC

Hi everyone!
It’s the Season of the Witch, and there are all kinds of upcoming events for my new book release for Handbook for Hot Witches.
Those of you who call the most Haunted City in America, Savannah, your home, adorn your finest pirate, sailor, and mermaid costume and please come celebrate my book release party for Handbook For Hot Witches. It’s at the SpareTime on the 28th (Friday) at 9:00p.m. All the performers are ladies of various talents and all ages, we have The Crabettes, local celebrities and 90 year young accordion players dressed as crabs and singing sea shanties. They start right at nine so don’t miss ‘em cause they go to sleep early.

Anitra Opera Diva, whose name says it all, will also be performing.

Fiona Horne, a hot celebrity witch from LA, Agent Ribbons from Austin TX and Ophelia De La Fuente are more performers to look forward to. Last but not least, Skippy Spiral and Dame Darcy :) perform sea shanties and Electrococo music in their band Death By Doll. The list continues with DJ Peter Dark, MC Nicodemus, dancers Lila, Tara, Caroline, Acid Poptart, and more! Look for Gothic Lolita Pirate Fashions by Kambriel.

$5. at at the door. $3. when you come in costume. Many thanks to Clara and Burke at The SpareTime as well as Beth Vantosh for making this dream come true!

Make sure not to miss the Savannah Pagan Pride Festival the very next day,

I’m going to have a booth signing books and Death By Doll will be performing at this magical event that goes on all day! Thanks to Adriana Iris Boatwright, PPD coordinator and Head Witch in Savannah GA. My witchy gal pal, Fiona Horne will be there as well.

Along with getting ready for this crazy fun-filled weekend, I’ve been doll crafting with my interns and getting ready for my window display in Forbidden Planet in NYC!

The weekend of October 12 is going to be a crazy one as well. The New York journey continues. With the Forbidden Planet window display, I’m also having an art show with the lovely Alix Sloan of Sloan Fine Art and I’ll be signing books and supporting my fellow artists at Comic Con. Hope to see you all at any of the events mentioned!

Sloan Fine Art Gallery flyer

Forbidden Planet flyer

Best wishes to you and many thanks!
Dame Darcy

Mermaid Tarot and Hot Witch Tees Galore!

Hello everyone!

The Handbook For Hot Witches tour has officially begun! As most of you hopefully know by now, the book was released on Tuesday which was a very happy day! Things are going pretty well right now, the House of Dame Darcy is finally up and running with lots of dolls, comics, and art for every Savannah pedestrian strolling by to check out.

I’m learning how to use the tricky square credit card reader (technology blows my mind) and I love meeting and talking with interesting people at the store.

That’s me hard at work in the studio! :)

The studio is looking great, the floors and walls are tastefully painted pink and blue and there’s plenty of natural light with the big windows- it’s just how I wanted it, like stepping into an elaborately decorated psychedelic birthday cake!

I found a mannequin too! Perfect for modeling my newly printed tees

I’ve delved a little more into the printing business with my new Mermaid, and Hot Witch tees. You’ve gotta check them out! They’re so soft and cozy and I even have my own custom Dame Darcy tag inside! Look at me, ma! ;) I feel really good about it all.

We have A LOT available…

Yesterday, I put my Dame Darcy Mermaid Tarot deck to use by reading my beloved friend and business partner, Beth’s, tarot.

Me showing off my Rainbow Roll Tarot Skills!

Despite my concerned look, I think everything is going to turn out OK for her ;)

The invitation for Naughty Nautical Nite designed by our amazing graphic designer, Emory Davis

I do need to put down the Tarot though because these next few weeks are going to be super hectic for me! I’ll have my awesome crew with me so hopefully they can keep me sane…beginning September 1st I’m going to the Decatur book festival in Atlanta and then onto several Pagan Pride festivals in Jacksonville, Savannah, Athens, and Augusta-whew! I’ll be performing a Cabaret at the Savannah Pagan Pride with my dear friends and magic witch sisters, Adriana Iris Boatwright, Juli, and Fiona Horne — I am so ready for some good times with my girls. And then everyone in Savannah needs to get ready for the Naughty Nautical Night at The Spare Time on September 28th. There’s going to be belly dancing, a DJ and probably lots of weirdness, which is OK with me!

Before I go out and enjoy my Saturday, I just want to say thank you to the Goddess and my wonderful friends who manifest in her many forms, particularly Beth Vantosh, Skippy Spiral, Claire Clayton, Kyle Hoover and all the creatures of the Earth, the spirits of the elements, and the spirits of Calhoun Square.
May we all live in peace, abundance and light, love, liberty and life!
Dame Darcy

Handbook for Hot Witches: Dame Darcy’s Illustrated Guide to Magic, Love, and Creativity

Hits the streets August 21, 2012….
Available now for pre-order from!

Combine a graphic novel with a dash of crafts, a sprinkle of feminist fairy tales, and a whole cauldron of spells—voilà!—Handbook for Hot Witches. Ever wondered what your dreams mean? You can look them up here. Want to learn to knit? This book can get you started. With sections on witch holidays, love, crystal ball gazing, meditating, and much more, this fully illustrated guide is the handbook that will send girls on their way to independence, creativity, and magic.

Like the Handbook for Hot Witches Facebook page for updates on our promo videos, book signings, Hot Witch dolls, and more!!