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Dame Darcy Faeiry Food Vegetarian, Raw, and Vegan cook book

Dame Darcy Faeiry Food Vegetarian, Raw, and Vegan cook book

5 1/2″ X 8 1/2″ hand made self published zine style books. Laminated water proof cover for cooking. Double ring binder so the pages can lay flat.

80 pages of illustrated recipes, on rainbow paper with multicolored covers. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, snacks, and drinks, even raw food recipes kids can make simply with a butter knife and a blender. These delicious recipes like the raw food nachos, or the cake and ice cream which replace carbs, fat, calories and sugar with the equivalent of fat and calories found in a hand full of vegetables, fruit, nuts and water. Environmentally awesome too because when you eat mostly produce you cut down on land fill and the costs of recycling. Meanwhile I lost 15 pounds eating all day on the raw food diet and kept it off. Magic Faeiry Blessings! DD

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Dame Darcy's Gasoline


In a post-apocalyptic world, the search for precious gasoline pits a family of orphaned witches against conniving nihilists who lurk in the decaying urban sprawl. The family must learn to forsake a life of materialism and adopt new alternative means of living in order to survive. Written and illustrated by artist, musician and filmmaker Dame Darcy, Gasoline is a fantastical and Eco-conscious Gothic tale of danger, heartbreak and the perseverance of magic and love.

Hard-bound, published by Merrell, 191 pgs.

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Dame Darcy's Handbook for Hot Witches
Dame Darcy's Handbook for Hot Witches, bejewelled edition

Handbook for Hot Witches

Combine a graphic novel with a dash of crafts, a sprinkle of feminist fairy tales, and a whole cauldron of spells—voilà!—Dame Darcy’s Handbook for Hot Witches. This is the guide for girls who want cool things to do and great friends to do them with, who aren’t afraid to be their different, awesome selves. 200 pages.

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2014 Hot Witch Holiday Calendar by Dame Darcy

12 pages of magical fun facts and spells featuring the exciting illustrations of Dame Darcy and your favorite Goddesses. Hand signed to you or a friend, on Etsy specify your friend’s name.


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Meat Cake Compilation by Dame Darcy

Meat Cake Compilation

Here it is, you lovely Meat Cake Readers! A compilation of Meat Cake issues 1, 2, & 4. These issues are available separately, but now you can enjoy them at a bargain price with brand spanking new artwork for the cover. Enjoy! 228 pages.


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Mermaid Tarot Deck by Dame Darcy

Mermaid Tarot Deck

78 beautifully illustrated mermaid /nautical themed tarot cards by Dame Darcy based on the classic Rider deck. Comes in a black velvet draw string bag to protect and purify the energy of cards after use. Read this Guide to Using the Tarot.


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Paper Doll Dreams by Dame Darcy

Paper Doll Dreams

A fun interactive cut out coloring book (14 pages) with all of your favorite Dame Darcy characters like Richard Dirt, Wax Wolf, Friend the Girl and many more! Cut them out, dress and undress them! Hours of paper doll fun. Individually hand glitter painted multi-colored covers and paper.

Hand signed to you or a friend, on Etsy specify your friend’s name.

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Jane Eyre illustrated by Dame Darcy

The Illustrated Jane Eyre

A devoted readership will recognize Dame Darcy as the creator of highly original and off-kilter comic books. Here she uses her lavishly detailed illustrations to bring the best-loved Victorian novel Jane Eyre back into the spotlight.

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Spin the Bottle illustrated by Dame Darcy

Spin The Bottle

Young Sappho Smith and bearded archeologist Billy seek to discover if the famed explorer Sir Francis Drake travelled as far North as Vancouver. Illustrations by Fantagraphics comic book legend Dame Darcy.

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The Graphic Canon, including featuring artwork by Dame Darcy

The Graphic Canon, Vol 2

Dame Darcy puts her unmistakable stamp on—what else?—the Alice books in a new 16-page tour-de-force.

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The Graphic Canon, including featuring artwork by Dame Darcy

The Graphic Canon, Vol 3

Dame Darcy illustrates Cormac McCarthy’s masterpiece, Blood Meridian, universally considered one of the most brutal novels ever written and long regarded as unfilmable by Hollywood.

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